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Home Groundradar

Home Groundradar

DEEPEST VISION Groundradar Inc. specialises in the application of unique ground penetrating radar GPR technology to deep mineral exploration and geotechnical applications. Using Groundradars proprietary UltraGPR technology, high resolution imaging of the sub-surface is possible to depths exceeding 80m in suitable environments. Groundradar staff are based throughout the globe, and

Mining amp Quarrying Ground Penetrating Radar GPR

Mining Amp Quarrying Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr

GPR sees widespread use in mining, quarrying amp tunneling. GPR can detect changes in rock type and sense major structures such as fractures, faults and joints. Specific applications include defining geology structure, mineral exploration, overburden thickness determination, mine site evaluation, tunneling design, rock mass stability, placer ...

Gold Deposit Locating Services Ground penetrating radar

Gold Deposit Locating Services Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR provides a cross-sectional profile of the subsurface soil and rock layers in your mining area. In areas of sand and gravel, GPR can look beneath the ground surface to find former geological features that might trap gold, such as

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Africa Mining Insight

Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr Africa Mining Insight

Jul 15, 2021 Ground penetrating radar GPR is a proven and cost effective solution to help find especially the non-conductive utilities as traditional electromagnetic methods EM cannot detect these. As you can see in the images below and using our LMX200, a plastic water pipe was located marked with pink dots at a about a meter below the surface.

quotCognitive GPR for subsurface sensing based on edge

Quotcognitive Gpr For Subsurface Sensing Based On Edge

Ground penetrating radars GPRs have been extensively used in many industrial applications, such as coal mining, structural health monitoring, subsurface utilities detection and localization, and autonomous driving. Most of the existing GPR systems are human-operated due to the need for experience in operation configurations based on the interpretation of collected GPR data.

Home Georadar Seeing Through The Groun

Home Georadar Seeing Through The Groun

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR is a non-destructive and non-invasive geophysical technique for rapidly imaging shallow subsurface targets in high resolution. With over 35 years of dedicated service to the industry, Georadar is the most experienced GPR Company in Australasia. We provide a complete service including Concrete Inspection

EASY RADAR USA Affordable Ground Penetrating Radar

Easy Radar Usa Affordable Ground Penetrating Radar

Welcome to Easy Radar USA For far too long, Ground Penetrating Radar GPR systems have been priced out of reach for many hobbyists and small business owners. Our goal was to produce a system that could compete with the features and capabilities of existing GPR units, but at a much lower cost. Easy Radars proprietary technology along with ...

Mining GPR and Location Services Earth Radar

Mining Gpr And Location Services Earth Radar

Our team of SUI Locating Technicians and Survey Engineers have a combined wealth of experience working within the Mining sector. Through a combination of Electro-Magnetic Induction EMI and our Latro 3D-Ground Penetrating Radar GPR we are able to see and map where existing pipes, conduits, cables and assets are below the surface.

Handy NonInvasive Ground Penetrating Radar

Handy Noninvasive Ground Penetrating Radar

A ground penetrating radar can scan a deep distance through the ground and is ideal for mining operations. Keep one handy to check for valuable ore deposits such as iron or gold. Keep one handy to check for valuable ore deposits such as iron or gold.


A Study Of Ground Penetrating Radar

This thesis is comprised of three chapters, each detailing a specific case-study with its own unique use of ground penetrating radar GPR in an underground stone mine. Chapter 1 describes the benefits and limitations of GPR as the geophysical method of choice for karst void detection and mapping in an underground mining scenario.

SGPRTECH Spectral Ground Penetrating Radar

Sgprtech Spectral Ground Penetrating Radar

Spectral Ground Penetrating Radar. Bringing new level of subsurface information to industries. ... We believe that ground-penetrating radars should be simple to use and the data obtained accurate and analysed so that the user will receive useful information. ... mining

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR ImpulseRadar

Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr Impulseradar

GPR is also routinely used to investigate other man-made infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, roads, runways, and more. Our Ground Penetrating Radar solutions are built on the latest Real-Time Sampling RTS technology platform. They are fast, offer exceptional bandwidth and dynamic range, and are modular to meet your specific needs.

Ground Penetrating Radar in Mining

Ground Penetrating Radar In Mining

Ground penetrating radar is used in salt mining applications to maximize yield. GSSI GPR allows miners to navigate continuous mining machines by way of imagining the saltshale interface. Saltshale interface of a salt mine located in Ohio, USA. Data collected with a SIR-20 and 400 MHz antenna.

GroundPenetrating Radar for Karst Detection in

Groundpenetrating Radar For Karst Detection In

Dec 01, 2019 Ground-penetrating radar GPR has been well understood and frequently employed in geophysical research studies since its first uses in glacier studies of Stern in 1930 . With applications ranging from rebar detection in concrete structures to buried grave identification in historical cemeteries, GPRs unique advantages have been widely ...

Ground Penetrating Radar for Underground Applications

Ground Penetrating Radar For Underground Applications

Ground Penetrating Radar for Underground Applications. November 2016. May 2019. Reutech Mining has introduced a compact and convenient ground penetrating radar system that is claimed to be more user-friendly than comparable products currently available. The Sub Surface Profiler SSP is described as a low-cost, lightweight GPR designed ...

Use of ground penetrating radar in underground coal mining

Use Of Ground Penetrating Radar In Underground Coal Mining

This paper reports on a novel application of ground penetrating radar to a longwall steering problem in the coal mining industry. The main goal of the work was to determine whether a radar-based ...

An Industrial Application of Ground Penetrating Radar for

An Industrial Application Of Ground Penetrating Radar For

Ground-penetrating radar GPR is valuable for horizon-sensing 35, 36 and can provide information that quickly updates a geological model for informing and optimising the open cut process ...

Ground Penetrating Radar for everyone with Leica DSX

Ground Penetrating Radar For Everyone With Leica Dsx

Ground Penetrating Radar for everyone with Leica DSX. The use of Ground Penetrating Radar GPR technology is limited to highly skilled and experienced professionals trained on interpreting difficult radargrams. The newly-announced Leica DSX utility detection solution is changing this by democratising GPR technology, bringing it to less ...

Breakthrough GPR survey technology International Mining

Breakthrough Gpr Survey Technology International Mining

Oct 30, 2017 A breakthrough Ground Penetrating Radar GPR survey at the Blina diamond project indicates as yet untested alluvial trap sites with the potential to host high grade or bonanza grade diamond deposits within the ancient gravels. Numerous high quality targets have been generated.

What Can GPR Find

What Can Gpr Find

Ground penetrating radar can detect variations within a ground surface, making it easily possible to detect the majority of subsurface items near the subsurface. Rebar and structural components Radar scans can be a critical tool in locating rebar and other structural items, either for an initial locate or to verify their correct placement in ...

Drone GPR drones

Drone Gpr Drones

The system consists of a multi-rotor drone integrated with Ground Penetrating Radar GPR .. The drone flight is planned and managed using full functionality via flight planning software. Postproduction software for GPR data is also available . You can also choose between a ready-to-use system or opt for an integration kit for your drone.


Ground Penetrating Radar Technique To

ground penetrating radar GPR performs in characterizing near surface coal mine related features. Coal mining in the Eocene Paleocene Wilcox Formation Fisher, 1963 was carried out at Malakoff near Dallas, Texas and Bastrop near Austin, Texas in the first half of the 20th century generally during the period from 1905 to 1940. Most

Using Ground Penetrating Radar for InSeam Crack

Using Ground Penetrating Radar For Inseam Crack

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR is the technology having the highest potential for success as a detection system. Early GPR test programs in potash suggested that GPR could produce images of the back conditions, potentially highlighting propagating cracks and clay seams.

PDF Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Survey of Formerly

Pdf Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr Survey Of Formerly

Ground penetrating radarGPR survey of formerly mined coastal dunes in central Vietnam a rapid, non- invasive method for investigating the extent and impact of mined areas Yingsin Lee, Chris Gouramanis, Adam D Switzer Charles S Bristow Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Birkbeck University, Singapore College University of

Course catalog Sensors amp Software Inc

Course Catalog Sensors Amp Software Inc

Ground Penetrating Radar. Scientific Details of the Noggin Ultra 100 GPR System. OVERVIEW The new NOGGIN Ultra 100 system contains an Ultra Receiver that provides trace stacking up to 65,536 times. This lowers the noise floor to see deeper, real GPR reflectors up to 3 times deeper than before. It also couples our patented...

GPR Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys for Engineering

Gpr Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys For Engineering

Ground penetrating radar systems. Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Services. are designed with a variety of antenna frequencies and configurations. While there are differences of opinions and values often overlap, GPR antennas can be grouped into low, medium, and high frequencies. Lower frequency antennas 25, 50, and 100 MHz are often used for ...

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Guideline Geo

Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr Guideline Geo

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR is a non-destructive and rapid geophysical method that operates by transmitting electromagnetic waves from an antenna and reflects off layers and objects hidden in the ground. These reflections are collected as data which generates an image of the subsurface. A typical GPR system configuration consists of one or ...

Ground Penetrating Radars at Kellyco Ground Penetrating

Ground Penetrating Radars At Kellyco Ground Penetrating

Used by a range of professionals, ground penetrating radar will provide you with an accurate representation of what lies below the ground. Perfect for utility locating, determining structures that lie below the surface, a gpr system will help speed up the process of developing new land, discovering where problems may lie, and allowing you to then proceed safe in the knowledge that you know ...

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR and drones double

Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr And Drones Double

Jan 25, 2019 Ground Penetrating Radar GPR and drones double jeopardy For the past 5 years and more, we at Sensors amp Software have received a continual and growing stream of inquiries about mounting GPR on unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs, most commonly called drones. The opportunity of merging these technologies is truly exciting with so many ...

Ground penetrating radar study for hydrogeological

Ground Penetrating Radar Study For Hydrogeological

Jan 16, 2003 The objective of this study is to investigate the possible impact of open-pit mining on surrounding groundwater resources, using ground penetrating radar GPR. Study site A Bicholime iron-ore mine is in Bicholime Talukas of North Goa, and extends between 15 35 to 15 3622N and 73 5443 to 73 5542E.

CDC Mining Application of Ground Penetrating Radar to

Cdc Mining Application Of Ground Penetrating Radar To

Concurrently, NIOSH is conducting work to evaluate the application of ground penetrating radar GPR for advanced delineation of problematic mining areas. In this study, NIOSH partnered with Sub-Technical, Inc., who injected a polyurethane grout also known as glue into a

Ground Penetrating Radar Reutech Mining

Ground Penetrating Radar Reutech Mining

The Sub Surface Profiler a compact and convenient ground penetrating radar gpr system that increases mine safety, contributing to increased productivity and efficiency in operations.

How does Ground Penetrating Radar Help the Mining

How Does Ground Penetrating Radar Help The Mining

Mar 15, 2017 GPR ground penetrating radar is an efficient technology that has been used considerably in subsurface exploration. The modern tools based on the technology are remarkably efficient too. These tools can gather, analyse, assess and process huge chunks of data, allowing the personnel to gain valuable decisions. Benefits of using GPR in Mining

Mining IDS GeoRadar

Mining Ids Georadar

Beside IBIS-FM, Hydra-X, IBIS-ArcSAR, and RockSpot, IDS GeoRadar also provides a system for mine blast monitoring, IBIS-FB, a Ground Penetrating Radar GPR solution, Stream X, for soil detection and a powerful tool to safely and productively manage slope stability risks, IBIS Guardian, to enable fast interpretation and therefore fast reaction time to vital real-time information delivered by the IBIS radar

Exploration amp Mining MALA Ground Penetrating Radar GPR

Exploration Amp Mining Mala Ground Penetrating Radar Gpr

GPR for Exploration amp Mining Geologists and geophysicists rely on ground penetrating radar GPR to gather high resolution subsurface information rapidly. Compared to other geophysical methods nothing comes close in terms of the amount of ground coverage that is obtained with GPR.